Jackson Place Cohousing (was Seattle Cohousing)


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General contact:
Sylvie at info@jacksonplacecohousing.org

Jackson Place Cohousing is a vibrant, well organized, self-managed urban community, built in 2001, in a peaceful, green setting, near downtown Seattle by bus, bike, car or walking. It is a well-established, family-friendly and animal-friendly, multi-generational community. There are 27 homes, with forty adults and sixteen children, ranging in age from three months to the 80s.

The community is dedicated to creating and sustaining an environment where residents treat each other and our common spaces with respect, care and consideration, strive to create an atmosphere in which all residents can share in community work, and benefit from our sharing of resources.

We value using consensus for making community decisions, sharing work and social activities, and cooperating on various neighborhood projects with our surrounding neighbors.

To learn more about cohousing communities in general, you can visit the web site of the Cohousing Association of the United States.

Our address is:
800 Hiawatha Place South
Seattle, WA 98144

one block East of Rainier, at Dearborn